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How do I become link partner and what are the benefits?

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Posted: 17 Oct, 2007
by: Admin A.
Updated: 24 Sep, 2013
by: Admin A.

By providing a link on your home page to SOSAppraisers and e-AppraisersDirectory, you can have your listing highlighted. Once you have inserted our link, http://www.e-appraisersdirectory.com, on your home page, log into your account and click continue. In your control panel page (account page), click on "Link partnership", enter your website URL starting with http:// and click on the "Link Partner" button. We will check your site and once we have verified our links on your home page we will gladly bold-face your listing. Please note that our links must appear on your home page before submitting your listing for Link Partnership. Link partnership will not make the URL of your website visible on your listing. If you would like a direct link to your website from your listing you must upgrade to Basic membership. If you are interested in having your listing bold-faced: 

Copy and paste the source code below into your HTML page (anywhere between <body> and </body> tags).
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