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I cover 52 counties but can only be listed in up to 10 for free I believe. How can I be listed in all 52 counties and is there a fee involved?

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Posted: 05 Feb, 2007
by: Admin A.
Updated: 07 Jul, 2010
by: Admin A.

You can purchase additional counties and maximise your exposure by increasing your coverage area. Currently, you can be listed in up to 10 counties for free. You can purchase a package of 10 additional counties and be listed in those counties for $40 (one time fee). This is a great buy for paid memberships: if you are a Gold appraiser member and purchase additional counties, you will automatically be listed in top ranking level position for those additional counties you purchase. To purchase additional counties, log into your account, click on continue, and click on the "Purchase" button. Each package of 10 cost $40, a one time fee for as long as you are listed in the directory. If you discontinue your paid membership, you will be listed as a free member in all the counties you purchased in addition to the 10 free counties.


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