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What is registered members ratings?

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Posted: 17 Oct, 2007
by: Admin A.
Updated: 26 Oct, 2007
by: Admin A.

Non-registered users may no longer rate your listing. A user may rate your listing by creating an account first. Accounts are activated once the email verification process has been excecuted via email notification. Once an account has been activated, a registered user may rate your listing. If you have been rated by a registered user, you have the ability to see who rated you and what rating you have received. Just log into your account and click on "continue". In the "Statistics" portion of your control panel (account page), you will see an entry for "Registered Members Ratings" with a drop down window listing all registered users who have rated your services with the rating score in parenthesis (5 being the highest score).

Since this new implementation, appraisers listed on our directory can rate other appraiser members by becoming a registered user. This was not permitted in the past as appraiser members were concerned that their competitors may rate them low in order for the latter to be ranked high on our directory. As ratings are now only possible by becoming a registered user and as all ratings are logged and can be verified by the appraiser receiving a rating, there is no need to disallow rating of appraisers by appraisers. We understand that appraisers do hire other appraisers for appraisal work outside their area of expertise, and therefore should be able to rate the appraiser member they hired through our directory.

To become a registered member, which is different from an appraiser member, click here. An appraiser member is an appraiser listed on our directory. A registered member is one who can manage favorites, rate and email appraiser members.

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