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document I cover 52 counties but can only be listed in up to 10 for free I believe. How can I be listed in all 52 counties and is there a fee involved?
You can purchase additional counties and maximise your exposure by increasing your coverage area. Currently, you can be listed in up to 10 counties...
rating 07 Jul, 2010 Views: 6184 Comments: 0
document Do I need to re-register if I change compay?
You do not need to re-register. If you have changed company, just login to your account and edit your listing with your new company information. To...
Not rated 07 Jul, 2010 Views: 5432 Comments: 0
document I would like to hold my position in your directory but I have been downgraded to a free membership from a GOLD. I have been out of town. Please send me a link to pay the bill.
In order to hold your position, please upgrade to Gold membership from your account. Please . Once logged in:  Click on the...
Not rated 07 Jul, 2010 Views: 5456 Comments: 0
document What is Top Position Placement?
If you want to be at the top of the list, you may purchase top directory position for your listing to assure that you will be listed at the very top....
Not rated 18 Jul, 2010 Views: 6080 Comments: 0
document Is it possible to have a link to our company web site on the listing?
If you want your URL to be visible in your listing then you will need to upgrade your listing to Basic, Silver or Gold membership. For more...
Not rated 07 Jul, 2010 Views: 5682 Comments: 0
document I would like to change my payment method so that my credit card is charged when the renewal comes up instead of my paypal account. How can I do this?
We do not collect credit card or banking information. All payments and transactions are processed securely through PayPal. Your listing will not be...
Not rated 07 Jul, 2010 Views: 5541 Comments: 0
document Currently I am a gold member but my membership is expiring in 3 days. How do I renew my membership?
To renew your membership, please . Once logged in:  Click on the "Continue" button  Click on...
Not rated 07 Jul, 2010 Views: 4911 Comments: 0
document My information has changed. How do I update my information?
To update your information, . If you don't remember your username and/or password, , enter your username or your registered email address (email...
Not rated 07 Jul, 2010 Views: 5540 Comments: 0
document Do I have to post my license number or can it be keep onfile? I am worried that posting licensing information can make identity theft a potential problem.
Your license information is public record and is available online on the appraisal subcommittee site and on your state appraisal board web site. Your...
Not rated 07 Jul, 2010 Views: 5431 Comments: 0
document What is your phone number? I need support.
Phone support is only available to our Gold members. If you are a Gold member, please your phone number so that we can contact you. Phone support is...
Not rated 07 Jul, 2010 Views: 5250 Comments: 0


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