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Fee Schedule
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Form Service Description Fee Turnaround
Fannie Mae 1004 Single family residential $450+ 1-5 days
Fannie Mae 1073 Condominium or PUD unit $450+ 1-5 days
Fannie Mae 1004MC Market conditions addendum to the appraisal report $75 1-5 days
GPAR General purpose residential: bankrupcy proceedings, divorce, estate appraisals, etc. $450+ 1-5 days
Fannie Mae 1004 FHA $750+ 1-5 days
GPAR REO appraisals with REO addendum $550+ 1-5 days
Fannie Mae 216 Operating income statement $100 1-5 days
FHLMC 704 Drive by interior $275+ 1-5 days
Fannie Mae 1007 Rent schedule $100 1-5 days
FHLMC 704 Drive by exterior $250+ 1-5 days
Other Rush - same day service $100 same day

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